RyanAir Considering Cheaper “Drop Off” Option

It appears the world of budget airline travel will soon be revolutionized yet again by RyanAir, which announced today that starting this summer it will allow passengers an even cheaper ticket option: an in-flight drop off. For approximately 40% less than the standard ticket price, customers on certain routes will soon have the option of parachuting down to their destination when it is between the aircraft’s takeoff and landing points. Passengers will either need to provide their own parachuting gear or rent it at the gate for €15.

Paris-bound passengers, prepare for arrival.

Executives at RyanAir came up with the idea towards the end of a thirty-hour brainstorming session with limited bathroom breaks. They were hard at work discussing strategies designed to fill planes to capacity when one team member suggested combining routes, an idea that was shot down initially because the planes would have to take off and land at each added destination. The employee then jokingly added that they could just drop off passengers without stopping. Fortunately for budget travelers, the humorous tone of this remark was lost on top executives, who seized on the idea immediately.

The tentative inaugural drop will be over Paris on a flight from Dublin to Genoa in July. In preparation, RyanAir is setting up a landing field approximately nine kilometers outside of the city center, complete with a huge company logo painted into the grass. Passengers who “chicken out” from jumping will be charged the cost of the full route flown, as well as a €200 fee. We look forward to hearing about the experience from our poor readers!