Pillow Fight: Conrad Hilton vs. J. Willard Marriott

Travelers have a myriad of hotel choices, and loyalty is often determined entirely on the basis of convenience, cost and amenities. But sometimes when deciding where to spend your hard-earned money, it pays to lift that cushy comforter and take a look at the one thing that truly matters behind a company: its dead founder. In an epic blog post that will almost certainly influence your choice of hotels forever, today Points Envy objectively determines which of the two most recognizable names in hotels was a better man – Conrad Hilton or John Willard Marriott.

Marriott (left) and Hilton (right), with lesser known motelier John 6.

As with all matters of fact about which we need a reliable answer, we turn first to Wikipedia to familiarize ourselves with these hotel honchos. Initially it seems as though the two have a lot in common in that both were gentile fraternity boys who later named their sons after themselves. But digging deeper into the business careers of these icons reveals some key differences. Below we compare their achievements in a number of categories to determine a winner.

First Business: Marriott opened an A&W Root Beer stand in Washington, DC at the ripe age of 26, whereas Hilton purchased Mobley Hotel in Cisco, Texas when he was 32.
Point: Marriott

First Hotel/Motel Construction: Marriott opened the Twin Bridges Motor Hotel in Arlington, VA in 1957. Hilton humbly erected the Dallas Hilton in 1925.

Legacy: Marriott has a business school named after him at BYU, while Hilton’s great-granddaughter Paris is internationally famous for an internet sex scandal, among other achievements.
Point: Hilton

Other: Marriott was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in 1935 and told he had less than a year to live; he died fifty years later in 1985. Hilton had three wives, one of whom was Zsa Zsa Gabor, who claimed that he raped her.
Point: Marriott

Final score: Marriott 2, Hilton 1

So by a narrow margin of victory, we find that J. Willard Marriott was the more impressive man. We were of course kidding about this outcome influencing your hotel choices in any way, as that should be determined solely by points earning and redeeming options. We just think it’s important for everyone to know who was the better mogul: our man J Dubz.