Discover Discovers That It’s Not Accepted Anywhere

Many of us have been intrigued by the company’s generous 5% Cashback Bonus categories, but does it really pay to Discover? As it turns out: no.

Discover’s analysts found in a recent study that less than 2% of U.S. retailers accept Discover Card, compared to approximately 26% for American Express and 78% for Visa and Mastercard. “Frankly, we’re a little embarrassed by the current situation,” said a Discover insider who wishes to remain anonymous, though she reassuringly noted that they would “work to get Discover accepted at more retailers once the 5% Cashback Bonus on gas is over.”

In a related story, a group of researchers at Columbia University are beginning to look futher into the psychological toll that comes from continually having a Discover card rejected as unusable. The results of this study, aptly-named “The Discovery of Rejection,” are expected by the end of the year.