Q1 2012 in Review: Maybe the World is Coming to an End?

Perhaps you’ve seen 2012 or read about interpretations of the Maya Calendar and other theories about the world’s demise at the end of this year. Some “scholars” say that the end of the Maya calendar on December 21, 2012 indicates a possibly catastrophic event spawning a post-apocalyptic future where we are barbarians and nomads.

At Points Envy we don’t really care if the world is ending or not, but if the last few months of disappointment in the points and miles game are a taste of what’s to come, then those of you so inclined might want to get right with the Lord before it’s too late. Think about it: credit card sign-up bonuses have been low, frequent flyer programs are getting worse, and airlines keep merging, meaning less competition. This theory is supported by legitimate sources.


See where your points can take you.

We forgot the name of the cycle in the Maya calendar that’s ending on 12/21/12, but a couch surfer from Europe told us that it was really important because it’s from the Mayans. We have no reason to doubt him, and these tough times in the points and miles game could be a sign of real trouble to come.