Winners of the First Annual “If Christopher Elliott Can Do It Anyone Can” Travel Blog Contest!

We would like to thank all of our readers who submitted votes for our first annual travel blog contest, particularly those of you who voted for Points Envy. Many of this year’s categories were incredibly close, but, as in life, we were forced to separate the winners from the losers. Without further ado, here are your 2012 “If Christopher Elliott Can Do It Anyone Can” contest winners.

The Winners

Best Points Blog of 2012: Points Envy

With their fantastic wit, unparalleled insight into the points game, and impeccable grammar, Points Envy were the clear favorite to win this category for 2012, and likely every year to come. We congratulate Points Envy and will celebrate their victory by drinking heavily.

Best New Blog: Points Envy

Given their expertise and many lifetimes’ worth of wisdom, it’s easy to forget that Points Envy has only been around since March of this year. And they didn’t even post any content between the months of May and September, as they were in the bowels of humanity on a heroin binge. Yet natural-born talent combined with a minimal amount of effort always triumphs in the end, and the site took the prize for Best New Blog this year. We congratulate Points Envy and will celebrate their victory by drinking heavily.

Best Deals: The Frequent Miler

We were astonished that Points Envy didn’t take this one too, but, however unwisely, the readers have spoken. We were somewhat consoled in our loss by the quality of the competition, as The Frequent Miler does have a tendency to revolutionize the points game from time to time. For the time being, we too are thankful for our failure to assassinate him, though we do still plan to kill the travel blogging elite before too long (excluding ourselves, ideally).



The (Last Two) Week(s) in Review

We are excited for Frequent Traveler University this weekend, mostly for the free coffee at Starbucks courtesy of Million Mile Secrets. Look out for our review next week.

Speaking of Million Mile Secrets, this week they taught us how to use elite traveler security lines by fooling the TSA with a flashy frequent flyer card. The comments section of the post heated up quickly, with people throwing around fighting words as they tend to only do anonymously on the internet. Our favorite comment was by E, and we quote: “OK Seems some incentive is needed for the loser line cutters. When i’m in the line (Either one) and I see Darious and or Emily i will call them out in Pubic.” That’s taking it a bit far, don’t you think?

Everybody is talking about getting rid of virgins by way of a Hilton, or something like that. Kinda reminds us of high school.

In a feat we didn’t think possible, The Points Guy runs through some ways in which Delta’s Skymiles program could get even worse.

In case you somehow hadn’t heard, THE CHASE FREEDOM CATEGORIES FOR 2013 ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully, our dealer was recently reclassified as a “drugstore,” so the first quarter is already looking good for our Ultimate Rewards balance.

The Mr. Pickles is back to blogging. As practitioners of the occasional blogging hiatus ourselves, we understand the need for a break, but it is very good to have him back. Here he reminds us of an oldy but goody (and unfortunately deady). We used the diamond ring thing to prank propose to numerous girlfriends. They didn’t think it was funny, but we earned a lot of points.

The Points Guy outlines a fairly surefire way to get your PayPal account shut down, in case anyone was looking to do that without actually having to contact PayPal.

Frequent Miler issues a rare review of card benefits specifically for domestic travel, and an even rarer trip report. We find the comparison of Delta and Cathay Pacific downright offensive, but then again, we haven’t flown Delta since they updated their award booking procedures.

Last, but by no means least, the Points Envy travel blog contest will close at 5pm PST today. Winners will probably be announced sometime in the next week, or at some point after that.

The First Annual “If Christopher Elliott Can Do It, Anyone Can” Travel Blog Contest

Please cast your vote in Points Envy’s first annual “If Christopher Elliott Can Do It, Anyone Can” travel blog contest! In this contest, we will honor the best and the brightest of the points blogging world, letting our intelligent and attractive readers decide on the winners! The nominees for 2012 are: