Beware: In-flight Massage Service Not Associated with Spirit Airlines

It appears that some travelers have been receiving an added perk while flying Spirit Airlines: a free massage. Marsha Whitman was recently on a Spirit flight to Las Vegas when, about twenty-five minutes into the flight, she felt a pair of hands begin to rub her shoulders. Assuming the massage was simply a new perk, she allowed it to continue for about ten minutes before tipping the masseur a few dollars.

Professional Masseur?

“He was not wearing a Spirit uniform and his breathing was a little distracting, but the massage was wonderful,” says Whitman. Only after mentioning the new benefit to a flight attendant upon deplaning did she realize the service had not been connected with the airline. Several similar reports have emerged recently, and Spirit has assured us that they are looking into the situation. Per a Spirit spokeswoman: “We are thoroughly investigating these reports, and we want to assure customers that if we ever do offer such a service, it certainly will not be complimentary.”